To access your Identity
Safeguards Recovery Services:

308-548-2223 (Clarks) or
308-773-2222 (Silver Creek)
to report an identity theft incident.

Provide contact information and details of why you think you are a potential victim of identity theft.

A recovery advocate will be assigned and in-touch with you within 1 business day to begin the recovery process.

What are your chances...
Violent Crime 1 in 5,000
Heart Disease 1 in 2,600
Car Accident 1 in 130

Identity Safeguards

Exclusively for Our Customers.... IDSafeChoice

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, impacting one of every 23 persons annually.  It can occur without your knowledge and usually goes undetected for months, even years.  Recovering your identity takes a significant investment in time and money to resolve.  Due to the long lasting effects of this crime, it is important that you start a proactive approach to guarding your identity. A strong protection program can give you security and peace of mind.

At NO COST .... Now, any customer with two active relationships will receive complete identity theft restoration if identity theft strikes. To obtain these services after you discover you are a victim could cost hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. This benefit is provided by the Bank of Clarks at no cost to you.

Bank of Clarks Membership Benefit includes:
  • No registration necessary - the benefit is automatic for all customers who qualify.
  • One phone call to the Bank of Clarks and we will put you in touch with the Victim Assistance Center.
  • A Personal Recovery Advocate is assigned and starts recovery process within one business day.
  • Three credit reports are reviewed with you.
  • Fraud alerts are posted at all three credit bureaus.
  • Your rights as a victim are explained.
  • A Recovery plan is developed and documented for your review.
  • Your Recovery Advocate contacts and works with all agencies, financial institutions and companies affected.
  • Your Recovery Advocate completes and files all forms and follows up to make sure fraudulent activity is corrected.
  • Your Recovery Advocate will contact you at 30, 60 and 90 days after case is closed to determine if there are any additional problems.
  • The case remains on file for 36 months in case of re-occurrence.

You may access educational information to help you protect yourself and your family from identity theft.

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Contact Information

Telephone: 308-548-2223  FAX: 308-548-2225 
301 N Green, P.O. Box 125, Clarks, NE 68628 
Email General Information:

IDSafeChoice Plus
Identity Theft Protection for you and your family

Individual Plan:
$8.95 per mo.

Family Plan:
$12.95 per month

To Enroll:
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Benefits include:

  • Annual automatic full credit report.
  • Continuous credit monitoring with weekly alerts of new or suspicious activity.
  • Up to $20,000 in reimbursement for expenses incurred in the recovery of your identity, including up to $5,000 per week in lost wages.
  • Complete managed recovery.
  • Monthly e-newsletters with scam alerts, news articles & protection tips.
  • Risk assessment test & personalized protection plan.
  • Access to member education site.
  • Family plan includes coverage for you, your spouse, and eligible dependents up to age 25.

IDSafeChoice Plus

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