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Internet Usage Calculator

Adjust the amounts below to reflect what you do on the internet on an average day. The results will show you the amount of Bandwidth you use per day and per month. The average NNTC Internet customer uses 140 GB per month. Please remember to account for all members of your family or all users at your business.

*Approx. Data Usage: (Daily) (Monthly)

= GigaBytes  
= MegaBytes      *Approximate data of Internet use.

Browsing & Social Media


Basic webpages.


Visits / day


Medium sized photos.

Photos / day


Emails w/out attachment.

Emails / day

Social Media:

Instagram, facebook, Twitter


Minutes / day



YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hulu


Hours / day


YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hulu


Hours / day


YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Hulu


Hours / day


Skype video conferencing.

Minutes / day

Gaming & Music

Online Gaming:

Playstation, Xbox


Minutes / day

Download Music:

Per song download.

Songs / day

Streaming Music:

Pandora, Spotify, iTunes


Minutes / day

NOTE: This calculator is offered as a reference tool and is only an average calculation. The actual bandwidth required for specified applications can vary widely.

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